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Leica TM6100A Industrial Theodolite

The autocollimating theodolite that always exceeds the standards


Extended Battery Life

Piezo Technology

Leica Industrial Theodolites are known around the world for being the most accurate, with the highest angular accuracy of 0.5″. These autocollimating theodolites have set the benchmark with unrivalled precision and superb optics. Now Leica Geosystems has set the standard even higher by incorporating more features and benefits into their latest theodolite.

Engineered with leading edge technology

Leica Geosystems has redesigned the direct drive technology for the Leica TM6100A, using the same Piezo technology that is used in the Leica TDRA6000 and the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403. These new direct drives offer the stability of manual drives, the flexibility of fully automated motorized drives and still allow for sub micron level fine positioning. The fine adjustment knobs on the Leica TM6100A have been strategically repositioned to help make measuring in difficult situations easier and because there are no gears with this new technology, the direct drives require almost no maintenance and are nearly silent. Not only does the Leica TM6100A have a newly designed battery concept, but since the Piezo direct drive technology requires low power consumption, the battery lasts longer. Users can work more than a full day without having to charge or change the battery.

Designed with the operator in mind

Leica Geosystems has added new features to the screen and interface of the Leica TM6100A. The new color touch screen remains clearly visible at all times, allowing operators to take the theodolite to any location. The new intuitive user interface allows users to have minimal training before doing basic measurements and calibrations to the sensor. The interface offers function keys that can be set for specific procedures, six of the 12 function keys are already pre-set with the most commonly used procedures. Leica Geosystems has continued to take industrial measurement to new levels with the all new Leica TM6100A.

Std. Dev Hz, V, ISO 17123-30.15 mgon (0.5″)
Display least count0.01 mgon (0.01″)
Shortest focusing distance
from telescope front lens0.51 m
from telescope tilting axis0.60 m
TypePanfocal alignment telescope
Objective aperture52 mm
Clear objective diameter40 mm
FocusingCoarse and fine
Telescope tilt
pointing direction down–55° (–60 gon)
pointing direction up+47° (+52 gon)
Setting accuracy0.15 mgon (0.5″)
Setting range0.07 gon (4″)
Special features
Built-in autocollimation device (green negative crosshair)
IlluminationAL51 plug-in lamp keyboard switch
Field of view and magnification
Focusing distance0.6 m3 m10 m100 m
Field of view0.04 m0.11 m0.26 m2.08 m1°08’
Standard eyepiece13x24x32x41x43x
Eyepiece FOK5318x33x44x56x59x