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Leica Laser Trackers

Absolute accuracy, reliability, and durability

A long-term standard in industrial metrology: laser tracker systems lead the field in terms of the accuracy, reliability and durability of portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMM).

The Leica Absolute Trackers are capable of taking large volume measurements in 3D or with 6DOF to sub millimetre accuracy. They are commonly used in industries where large volume and high accuracy is required such as the aerospace, automotive, power & energy and mining industries for tooling, reverse engineering, part mating and inspection applications.

Unique Features

  • AIFM – Absolute Interferometer, provides true dynamic measurement
  • PowerLock – Innovative feature ensures an uninterrupted beam
  • 6DOF – Wireless probing and laser scanning capabilities
  • Measurement Range: up to 320 metres radial volume
  • Accuracy: typically 0.02mm


AT960 / AT930

1000 Hz, 6&7 DoF


1000 Hz, 3D Direct Scanning


100 Hz, 3D Measurement


Reflectors, Nests, Stylus, etc.