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AB Dynamics ADAS Platforms

Vehicle target (GVT) and vulnerable road user target (VRU)

We supply a range of ADAS platforms made by ABD, including platforms for both whole vehicle target and vulnerable road users (VRU) target.

Key Features

  • Precise motion control – capable of following a path to within a centimetre at speeds of 100kph or more.
  • Common software environment – the same powerful RC software as the driving robots
  • Create complex scenarios – allows you to create the scenarios that you need to develop and validate your vehicles’ driver assistance technology
  • “Synchro” system – ensures targets arrive at the intersection point at exactly the same time as your test vehicle

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Guided Soft Target (GST)
Soft Pedestrian Target (SPT)

Application Videos

GST and NCAP testing

Soft Pedestrian Target (SPT) test in single belt configuration

VRU testing with LaunchPad

Three types of Synchro explained