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Automotive Applications

Capturing all data you need

Our range of automotive testing equipment supports a variety of vehicle tests, from the brake force measurement on a motorcycle hand lever, to full data stream in a multi-vehicle swarm test scenario; from sensors that can be carried in a suitcase, to 2-axle rigs that can measure full vehicle suspension parameters.

Driving robots together with GNSS inertial units can be used in many vehicle dynamic tests including sine and dwell operation, fishhook, etc.

  • ADR 88/00 Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Systems
  • FMVSS 126 Electronic Stability Control Systems

Driving robots together with GNSS inertial units (often referred to as “motion packs” in this case) can be used in a lot of active safety tests. The specifications of ABD’s driving robots and OxTS’ INS are compliant to those test protocols.

  • Euro NCAP / ANCAP (2018 / 2020)
  • ADR 97/00 (draft) – Advanced Emergency Braking
  • ADR 99/00 (draft) – Lane Departure Warning Systems
  • ADR 105/00 (draft) – Blind Spot Information Systems
  • UN/ECE R152¬†

OxTS’ GNSS inertial units can provide ground truth measurements for autonomous vehicles, a reference system to validate driving performance. RT-Range can be configured to collect real-time relative position, orientation, and dynamics measurements between your vehicle under test and a network of static and moving targets. Up to 24-point polygons can be defined to accurately represent the profile of test vehicle in scenarios.

With ABD’s driving robots and Synchro system, it’s possible to set up highly complex curved paths and intersection scenarios for up to 16 vehicles, all in perfect synchronisation.

IMS also supply various targets, including pavements, roadside furnitures, dummy animals / pedestrians / vehicle targets, foam walls and city scapes to support autonomous vehicle development.

AB Dynamics Suspension Measurement Machine (SPMM 5000e)

  • Kinematic & compliance (K&C) measurement
  • Moments of inertia measurement
  • Centre of gravity¬† (CoG) measurement

Various sensor solutions to suit the measurement needs for:

  • ADR 31/04 – Brake Systems for Passenger Cars
  • ADR 33/01 – Brake Systems for Motorcycles and Mopeds
  • ADR 35/06 – Commercial Vehicle Brake Systems

Application Videos

GST and Soft Car 360

Euro NCAP / ANCAP car-to-car tests


Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) tests

Steering robots

Vehicle dynamics – sine dwell test

Driving robots

Fully driverless setup for dangerous or tedius types of tests


Get real-time relative measurements vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane in ADAS/AD development

OxTS GNSS inertial units

New application in indoor positioning to test automated parking