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Base station

RT-Base S

A portable and weatherproof base station for GNSS corrections.

The RT-Base is a self-contained unit that includes:

– The Base-Station GPS receiver
– Battery suitable for over 10 hours of operation
– Radio Modem
– Mains Power Supply and Battery Charger
– GPS Antenna, 15m Cable and Tripod
– Radio Modem Aerial, 5m Cable and Magnetic Mount

Ready to go in less than five minutes

The RT-Base S takes less than five minutes to set up. All the parts you need are in one box. Just place the antenna on the tripod and attach it to the RT-Base S connector, attach the radio modem and you’re ready to go. Once switched on, the RT-Base S automatically computes an average position and begins transmitting DGNSS corrections so you can achieve RTK integer accuracy.

Save positions for repeat use

The RT-Base S can save it’s calculated position for later use. This saves you time if you return to the same position for data collection. It’s important that you place the antenna in exactly the same position each time. When returning to frequently used locations often, this removes the chance of the averaged position changing and ensures measurements captured over several visits are always consistent.

Operational in all conditions

The RT-Base S is IP65 rated meaning it can be left working in all weathers. The internal battery life will provide you with a minimum of 24 hours of continuous operation and with an operating temperature range of -10°C to 50°C it can be used in extreme test locations.

Works with almost any GNSS receiver

The RT-Base S transmits corrections in a number of popular formats such as RTCA, RTCA2, RTCM, RTCM3, CMR and CMR+. This ensures the RT-Base S is compatible with OxTS products as well as many other types of GNSS receiver. This means you only need to set up one base station when conducting tests with different types of measurement systems.

Disaster recovery

Any GNSS receiver can only maintain RTK integer accuracy as long as it’s receiving differential corrections. As well as transmitting corrections, the RT-Base S also logs them internally for later retrieval.

This means that in worst case scenarios, if something happens during a test, you can simply download the corrections and apply them in post-processing rather than repeating a test and wasting hours of your time.


Dual Antenna Roof Mount

The Dual Antenna Roof Mount (DARM) is suitable for all OxTS' automotive GNSS/INS products and provides a rigid pre-set antenna separation configuration for puck or pinwheel antennas.


Turn-key antenna roof mount solution

The Dual Antenna Roof Mount provides a robust, pre-set separation for a selection of antennas and combined with the built-in ground planes helps achieve and maintain system accuracy during testing. It has been designed to enable a quick and accurate dual antenna installation and the pre-determined antenna separation locations provides you the measurements for entry into the OxTS system configuration software.

The main mounting bar comes in two one metre lengths that join together enabling the Roof Mount to be used in one or two metre configurations. Combined with the adjustable suction cups it gives the flexibility needed to fit varying vehicle roof shapes and sizes.



A quick and easy-touse vehicle mounting system for OxTS GNSS/INS products. Equipment can be mounted securely on the strut in most vehicles in minutes.

Quick to install

The RT-Strut fits between the floor and the roof of the car. A built-in spring provides the necessary force required to keep the RT-Strut in place. Fitting is simply a matter pulling a lever.

Secure multiple products

A number of different brackets mean the RT-Strut can be used to simultaneously mount multiple products. This is particularly useful in automotive ADAS applications where it is often necessary to mount a GNSS/INS product in the car along with an RT-Range S product.

Improved measurement accuracy

Our INS+GNSS products measure the slightest movement with great accuracy. The RT-Strut provides a rigid mount in every axis, so you know you’re measuring the movement of the vehicle – not movement of the product.

Supplementary Retaining Strap System

To improve the safety and security of our RT mounting solutions, the RT-Strut is now comes with a Supplementary Retaining Strap System. This important new safety feature is for use when the RT-Strut is mounted in the vehicle cabin to prevent it moving forwards in the event of a crash. The system attaches to an ISOFix point in the vehicle to ensure stability of the unit during testing. We recommend that the Supplementary Retaining Strap System is used whenever the strut is mounted in the cabin. Full details of installation can be found in the addendum to the manual, which can be download here.

Please note: Your safety is important. It is important that you perform your own risk assessments of any testing you do, in order that you and your colleagues stay safe.

Survey Trolley

Survey Trolley

The survey trolley provides a convenient way of lane surveying when doing vehicle-to-lane measurements with RT systems.The line survey tool software makes creating straight and curved lines simple.

Capture lane markings and turn them into a map

For lane tracking tests, OxTS has a dedicated survey trolley that can be used to survey lane markings and includes software to capture each line and add it to a map.

The survey trolley is designed to keep the GPS antenna high, so the accuracy is not reduced by multipath (caused by reflections from a person above it). The survey trolley can accommodate a battery, laptop computer and an RT.

The survey is done by using one of the survey trolley wheels as the measurement point to provide the best accuracy.

Straight or curved lanes

The line survey software can be used to store the straight or even curved line measurements into a file and turn it in to a map. The map can be downloaded in to the RT system and then the lane measurements begin.



Fitted with a battery and wireless RT-XLAN to provide an additional component to the RT systems. Designed for tracking the position of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists relative to a moving vehicle.

Measure the position of pedestrians and cyclists relative to moving vehicles

The RT-Backpack can be used to track pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists with ease and high accuracy. The RT-Backpack system has additional straps on it, so that it can be tightly and securely mounted to the pedestrian, giving the best possible accuracy.

Self-contained system

Just add an OxTS RT system. There're two versions of RT-Backpack to fit either the larger RT-3003 v3 or the small, compact RT1003. The RT-Backpack includes a battery capable of powering a GNSS/INS product for up to 5 hours, a precision GPS antenna, wireless LAN and a battery charger.



The RT-XLAN is a high performance wireless LAN radio unit capable of providing a highly reliable 1 km vehicle-to-vehicle data communication link between multiple vehicles. Suitable for use with OxTS ADAS testing solutions.

Superior range communication

The RT-XLAN radio unit is an extremely powerful, long range WLAN solution for multiple vehicle data communication. Specifically designed for outdoor use, they have a robust, weatherproof design that can operate within a wide temperature range. They also feature a low-loss integrated N-type RF connector replacing the need for radio-to-antenna cable connection. The RT-XLAN is capable of reliably improving the data communication throughout the range and also extending the communication distance between vehicles to up to 1 km line of sight.

Easy mounting

The powerful suction cup included ensures that the RT-XLAN can be mounted quickly and securely onto almost all types of vehicles without the need for magnets. This means aluminium, fibre-glass and glass roofs are not a problem for the RT-XLAN. The radio only needs to be strapped down if working at high speeds.

Easy connection to OxTS ADAS systems

Although the RT-XLAN is designed for direct connection to the RT-Range S system, it is equally suitable for upgrading standard RT-Range systems by using a converter cable. Using the RT-XLAN will significantly extend the range and integrity of the data measurements throughout your ADAS test. The radios are RoHS compliant, FCC approved and licence free for most countries.