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Power Inspect


Power Inspect

  • User friendly metrology software
  • Probing Inspection against CAD models
  • Point cloud comparison to CAD
  • GD&T analysis
  • Real time report generation
  • Interface Plugins for all major portable CMMs



Portable CMM Plugins
PowerINSPECT interfaces with the world’s leading portable metrology devices, such as arms, laser trackers and optical camera systems. This connectivity allows for complete freedom of location when measuring a component.

Device and manufacture independent - any portable device by any manufacturer
Measure anywhere, including on the shopfloor - not restricted to the inspection envirnment

Power Inspect 1


Guided Measurement
Guided measurement allows PowerINSPECT to ‘guide’ the user when measuring. It includes guided points and section inspection with both visual and audio aids to help generate data acquisition. This allows for more consistent and repeatable measurements.

More consistent reporting of inspection routines
Ensures the same measurements are taken on every component



Power Inspect 2

Bouncing Ball
Bouncing Ball offers a user defined surface or feature inspection in both the number and location of points to be measured. Bouncing Ball guides the user to take the point without any proximity restrictions.

Helps the user visually locate where to measure
Easy to follow, fast inspection - ensuring points are taken in approximately the same area quickly

 Power Inspect 3

In-Process Inspection
In-Process Inspection allows quality personnel to develop inspection routines whilst production staff can measure them. The user management system ensures that production staff cannot amend the inspection routines set by quality personnel.

Improve the production process with in-place inspection
Problems found at source ensure corrective action can be taken quickly
Reduce wastage, time and money
Offline programming allows the quality department to define required inspection routines run by production staff

 Romer Arm CNC

Simple Graphical User Interface
The simple Graphical User Interface allows fast, easy, interactive programming.
Interactive picking of features from the CAD model allows easy programming of inspection features. Realistic graphics improves visualisation and simplifies reporting.

User-friendly interface minimises training time
Quick and easy-to-use, even for occasional users

 Power Inspect


Market-leading CAD compatibility allows comparison of components and tooling against all mainstream CAD file types including standard industry formats such as IGES, STEP and STL files.

The CAD file manager allows the creation of assemblies from different formats, and user definable levels help with unfinished components and visualisation.Benefits:

Easy inspection of complex components and assemblies

Utilise customer and supplier data

Easily visualise graphical inspection reports

 Power Inspect 7

PowerINSPECT allows fast, easy creation of reports that can be understood at a glance.
Produce simple reports with a single click, or build more sophisticated reports combining
images and text.

Easy report creation
Single click to export pictorial views
Full text reports built automatically
Quick and easy to understand reports

 Power Inspect report